Friday, 15 February 2008

Time passes

Can't believe how fast the time since last posting has passed though winter itself seems to drag on and on. The sheep are less that impresed with the amount of snow we have. Last night my Al went out with the snowthrower and gave them a path and play area. The only one who seems really happy about the snow is of course Milton. We have had 70cm so far this month rther than the usual 20cm, enough is enough.

My Ceili (See picture) is however starting to shed her winter coat, I have seen the return of some blackbirds ( silly gaffers) and if you look close enough you can see the start of buds.

Ceili is my side saddle horse. She is a Missouri Foxtrotter and a very independent sprit who I think would give Parelli grief .
I have been riding side saddle since 1991 and was trained by a recognised side saddle teacher and judge. This is still the only equitation style that I have ever taken lessons in and still the only style I truly feel comfortable with. The habit I made is an authentic reproduction from an 1860's pattern. I am also wearing a period style corset and riding boots. We have ridden at many of Ontario's pionneer villages.

Looking at the picture makes me remember how much I miss the colour green!!!