Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Cherrington Esther

Cherrington Esther and her family.

This is Esther ( Reg#.S8786) Though registered as a black she is presently all of the soft greys you get on tarnished silver, though she still has a black ruff.
Esther came to Earendel last September. At 9 years old she is another one of our seniors enjoying our full service retirement package
( home grown hay,special dinners, hugs, and of course treats) .
Although Esther is somewhat skittish she is making progress and is taking treats now from our hands.

This is Esther's daughter Kalwa Taure Esme (Reg# S15398) and her twin boys Cindread and Cinwulf whom are both weathers they were sired by Cherrington Merlin June 2007

The boys don't look at all like that anymore, here are the boys now:

They are both silver greys and have lovely crimp and whew, all those spots have gone!

Esme's boys have an awesome temperament and run to us when they see us for hugs and scratches. My husband Al confesses that Cindread and Rose are his favorites while I just love our little Grainney who will curl up with me when I sit in their pen.

More girls this time Cherrington Alice's kin

This was Cherrington Alice ( 1997-2008), a classy grand dam, well beloved and now sadly missed by our good friend Tammy of Kalwa Taure shetlands.

Alice's legacy here is very strong as she is the mother and grandmother of three of our most personable girls and a major influence for our white fleece line

This is our Kalwa Taure Minnie ( Reg#S16839) Alice's most mischievous daughter.

Minnie has it all great personality, a sense of humor, awesome fleece and a lovely daughter our Earendel Rose ( S # 26107) out of Cherrington Merlin

Rose is a treasure, friendly, hugable and true to her heritage with a good strong crimpy fleece.

The last one of Alice's family to reside here is her daughter Cherrington Jessie (S#10028).Jessie is a cream with beautiful crimp and handle to her fleece. I will have a picture of her up soon

Currently Minnie and Jessie are visiting Cherrington Merlin (Rose's dad) for a romantic winter break.

Introducing some of our girls starting with Brandy

This is one our grand old lady Cherrington Brandy ( Reg#S6030) she will be 12 years old this March and shows no signs of slowing down. She is a beautiful dark moorit with a fine fleece very suitable for drop spindle work.

This is one of Brandy's Morrit baby's (Reg# S16844). Kalwa Taure Elly.
Like her mom she has a fine fleece though is a lighter Morrit

This is Brandy's last baby Earendel Grainney ( S26108), as black as the darkest night.
Grainney has no white hairs through her fleece and has inherited her moms softness and good crimp. Her first adult fleece is long and luxurious and holding great promise.
She is a little camera shy so we must try again for a more current picture. Grainney is a darling and would rather be hugged that eat. We also have Grainney's identical twin brother Foote.