Monday, 22 September 2008

AngloSaxon Event

As some of you know my Al and I are members of Regia Anglorum an
Anglo-Saxon/Norman/Viking re-enactment group.
For the past couple of years the local group and us have been constructing a circa 1000 AD long hall at the back of our farm. Eventually it will include a weaving shed, forge, bake oven, and the other accouterments of a farming settlement.
We recently had our first event and it was a great weekend even weather wise. The lads took to the "battlefield" ( have you ever seen such a Merry group of foes?) while the rest of us chatted, did sewing,weaving and archery.

Al and Cindread set up a small forge

while our evening feast was expertly roasted

all in all a great start for Wynmerstow!

Monday, 15 September 2008

What I did on my summer vacation!

So this August I travelled over to England to meet up with a very dear friend of mine (Vanessa), see my great aunt (Irene)and make a whole cast of new friends ( the Thursday night pub crew)

Vanessa and I meet in England 10 years ago, and from a chance meeting a lively friendship has grown. This August we got together and along with some other friends of Vanessa's and her mom we had a great deal of fun travelling the back roads of England getting lost and creating the English version of the "Travelling Pandemonium Show" wonderful fun!

For a surprise journey to Europe Vanessa booked four of us into a beautiful spa/hotel on an island in Budapest a total surprise to me until the airport check in. Budapest is the last place I ever would have guessed we were bound and what a delight it was. This is me overlooking the Danube River and the Parliament buildings.

Back home my lovely husband Al handled the farm, for the 2 weeks I was gone. When I got home the cats were determined that I wasn't going anywhere else for a while by taking over the suitcase
While in England, Vanessa made sure I got to see West Stow Anglosaxon village and the site of the 1066 battle of Hastings all in good prep for the first Wymerestow event held the weekend after my return. More on that event in the next post.