Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hays in

This year it has rained and then rained some more but finally we have our hay in the barn all 1368 square bales of it and yes we are tired.

Our barn is huge and was built around 1870. Before we bought the place the barn was used to dump garbage in, the roof leaked and the colony of raccoons were happy. Now with a new roof and the critters looking elsewhere for accommodations the barn is starting to "smile" again.

The spring and early summer have been tough on us here. A very close friend unexpectedly died and we also had to euthanize one of our first sheep, Coco who became very ill. Working at a Veterinary Teaching Hospital has its advantages as our animals get the best possible care but still it wasn't enough for him. Coco was our beautiful musket. I have kept his fleece, will have it spun and my mother will knit it up for me.

Speaking of trips to work with the animals, here is Elvis. He is our Silkie rooster who managed to get a sinus infection. Here he is soaking his feet in a warm water bath to clean off. The vet student looking after him became very attached to him. And Elvis is fully recovered and back home with his girls

I supose I am a little daft to take a rooster to the vet.... well maybe!