Tuesday, 23 December 2008

This is the view from the back door during yet another winter storm. Its all there howling winds, near waist high snow drifts and really disgruntled looking horses and sheep.
The only one happy about the weather is Milton who just loves the snow and cold.
All the animals are safe a warm in the barn. My husband plowed a path for the sheep so I can let them out for a little fresh air break ( NOT something they appreciate, believe me)
So far we have had almost continual snow since Nov.15!

On another note we will be taking some of our girls up to our friend and mentor Tammy's farm over the Christmas break to vacation with two of her boys, Cherrington Merlin and Cherrington Harry. We are taking Cherrington Jessie and Hopeful Gwinnie for sure maybe Esme (also Cherrington lines and mother of the beautiful boys out of Merlin who will be two on June)
All this in keeping with our hopes to continue to create a second generation of Skerryvore/Cherrington babies to carry on these lines for us.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for a nice white ram lamb, hopefully out of Jessie!!!

Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

It is a beautiful warm day here about 19C not at all like the Halloweens of my childhood where we would get snow, cold or rain. We don't get any "trick or treators" here at the farm. So plans tonight are to have a 'campfire supper' and bonfire to enjoy the unseasonably balmy evening.

Sheep and all are fine not doubt enjoying the lull in the weather.
So to all have a safe and happy time,enjoy all the candy especially the chocolate!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Frost on the air

Burrr, last night it was 3c here and there is indeed frost on the ground. The seasons are changing faster than anyone really wants or is ready for.

Our little Shetland flock has topped out at 16 baaas. We have lovely solid colours and happy healthy sheep ( OK well they are a bit tubby)

The flock is almost all Cherrington/Skerryvore (either both parents or one)

Comments from the hand spinners have been very favorable and that is what counts for us.

It is really important to us to preserve the genetics of these lines but not at the expense of the quality. Years ago when I bred and showed champion Afghan Hounds we would only breed a litter if there was interest from qualified individuals. We are likely to adopt the same philosophy where it comes to breeding our sheep. So our flock will stay small and well loved.

Besides I couldn't bare to see one of our sheep come back to us in compromised health condition it would break my heart.

Oh and for those asking Our Minnie is just fine and recovering well from her bloat. Her rumen completely shut down for three days and we feared to lose her. At work here we have a fistulated cow who donated some rumen juice for us. Minnie and I were drenched in the stuff ( really stinks) and the next morning she was her ole self. We are really happy and also pleased that she isn't moooing!

This is our Minnie on her "southern"vacation at Tammy's. It was January and Brittany was a bit chilly but it was great fun! Just can't loose a baa like that!

Monday, 22 September 2008

AngloSaxon Event

As some of you know my Al and I are members of Regia Anglorum an
Anglo-Saxon/Norman/Viking re-enactment group. http://www.regia.org/
For the past couple of years the local group and us have been constructing a circa 1000 AD long hall at the back of our farm. Eventually it will include a weaving shed, forge, bake oven, and the other accouterments of a farming settlement.
We recently had our first event and it was a great weekend even weather wise. The lads took to the "battlefield" ( have you ever seen such a Merry group of foes?) while the rest of us chatted, did sewing,weaving and archery.

Al and Cindread set up a small forge

while our evening feast was expertly roasted

all in all a great start for Wynmerstow!

Monday, 15 September 2008

What I did on my summer vacation!

So this August I travelled over to England to meet up with a very dear friend of mine (Vanessa), see my great aunt (Irene)and make a whole cast of new friends ( the Thursday night pub crew)

Vanessa and I meet in England 10 years ago, and from a chance meeting a lively friendship has grown. This August we got together and along with some other friends of Vanessa's and her mom we had a great deal of fun travelling the back roads of England getting lost and creating the English version of the "Travelling Pandemonium Show" wonderful fun!

For a surprise journey to Europe Vanessa booked four of us into a beautiful spa/hotel on an island in Budapest a total surprise to me until the airport check in. Budapest is the last place I ever would have guessed we were bound and what a delight it was. This is me overlooking the Danube River and the Parliament buildings.

Back home my lovely husband Al handled the farm, for the 2 weeks I was gone. When I got home the cats were determined that I wasn't going anywhere else for a while by taking over the suitcase
While in England, Vanessa made sure I got to see West Stow Anglosaxon village and the site of the 1066 battle of Hastings all in good prep for the first Wymerestow event held the weekend after my return. More on that event in the next post.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hays in

This year it has rained and then rained some more but finally we have our hay in the barn all 1368 square bales of it and yes we are tired.

Our barn is huge and was built around 1870. Before we bought the place the barn was used to dump garbage in, the roof leaked and the colony of raccoons were happy. Now with a new roof and the critters looking elsewhere for accommodations the barn is starting to "smile" again.

The spring and early summer have been tough on us here. A very close friend unexpectedly died and we also had to euthanize one of our first sheep, Coco who became very ill. Working at a Veterinary Teaching Hospital has its advantages as our animals get the best possible care but still it wasn't enough for him. Coco was our beautiful musket. I have kept his fleece, will have it spun and my mother will knit it up for me.

Speaking of trips to work with the animals, here is Elvis. He is our Silkie rooster who managed to get a sinus infection. Here he is soaking his feet in a warm water bath to clean off. The vet student looking after him became very attached to him. And Elvis is fully recovered and back home with his girls

I supose I am a little daft to take a rooster to the vet.... well maybe!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Introducing Chaucer

This is my Chaucer undeniably the best cat , and everyone who has ever had the pleasure of his company would agree.
Chaucer is about 7 years old and a former pound cat on death row ( why I'll never understand)
He is my shadow everywhere I go. He is also a number one cuddle sleeze
( so named by my good friend Tammy)
This is one of his favorite positions!
P.S. one of my favorite authors is by the way Geoffrey Chaucer (1342 - 1400)

Friday, 15 February 2008

Time passes

Can't believe how fast the time since last posting has passed though winter itself seems to drag on and on. The sheep are less that impresed with the amount of snow we have. Last night my Al went out with the snowthrower and gave them a path and play area. The only one who seems really happy about the snow is of course Milton. We have had 70cm so far this month rther than the usual 20cm, enough is enough.

My Ceili (See picture) is however starting to shed her winter coat, I have seen the return of some blackbirds ( silly gaffers) and if you look close enough you can see the start of buds.

Ceili is my side saddle horse. She is a Missouri Foxtrotter and a very independent sprit who I think would give Parelli grief .
I have been riding side saddle since 1991 and was trained by a recognised side saddle teacher and judge. This is still the only equitation style that I have ever taken lessons in and still the only style I truly feel comfortable with. The habit I made is an authentic reproduction from an 1860's pattern. I am also wearing a period style corset and riding boots. We have ridden at many of Ontario's pionneer villages.

Looking at the picture makes me remember how much I miss the colour green!!!