Friday, 27 November 2009

Pachio's Fleece

Here is a picture of Pachio's fleece,
Colour is actually white,
Check out the Curls, and crimp, he is also soft, and silky...
We will be breeding him to some of our Cherrington girls, and will post their names when we have decided which ones.
This will be the last time these ewes will be bred as they are getting on in years.
I can't think of a better combination of genetics and fleece quality than breeding them back into the Dailley line!
Stay Tuned!!!!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Presenting Dailley "Pachino"

Earendel Shetlands and Kalwa Taure Shetlands, are pleased to introduce our new ram from the Dailley flock.

Pachino is just over a year old. He has the classic Shetland conformation and fleece quality so consistent with his heritage.

He will be a beautiful additional to our selective breeding program.

Heartfelt thanks to Carol Precious for all her advice in helping us select him"!

'When one door closes another has opened.'

Cherrington Merlin May 21-2001 to Nov.16-2009

We count ourselves very fortunate to have been Merlin's caregivers for his last few months.

He was a grand gentleman who quickly learned that ours is a treat driven farm. Apples, cookies, warm mash twice a day , oh yes and a lovely girl to keep him company.

Merlin had a spinal cord injury that had left him partially disabled and though he was coping he was still living daily by grace.

A fortnight ago that all changed and Merlin was no longer able to get up at all. A decision was made to euthanize and despite knowing it was for the best I was still left in tears.

Merlin left us a lovely legacy. We are lucky to have 4 of his offspring and also his full sister Cherrington Sarah.

Never the less I still miss his deep bass Ba every time I open the treat box in the barn.