Tuesday, 23 December 2008

This is the view from the back door during yet another winter storm. Its all there howling winds, near waist high snow drifts and really disgruntled looking horses and sheep.
The only one happy about the weather is Milton who just loves the snow and cold.
All the animals are safe a warm in the barn. My husband plowed a path for the sheep so I can let them out for a little fresh air break ( NOT something they appreciate, believe me)
So far we have had almost continual snow since Nov.15!

On another note we will be taking some of our girls up to our friend and mentor Tammy's farm over the Christmas break to vacation with two of her boys, Cherrington Merlin and Cherrington Harry. We are taking Cherrington Jessie and Hopeful Gwinnie for sure maybe Esme (also Cherrington lines and mother of the beautiful boys out of Merlin who will be two on June)
All this in keeping with our hopes to continue to create a second generation of Skerryvore/Cherrington babies to carry on these lines for us.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for a nice white ram lamb, hopefully out of Jessie!!!