Monday, 22 September 2008

AngloSaxon Event

As some of you know my Al and I are members of Regia Anglorum an
Anglo-Saxon/Norman/Viking re-enactment group.
For the past couple of years the local group and us have been constructing a circa 1000 AD long hall at the back of our farm. Eventually it will include a weaving shed, forge, bake oven, and the other accouterments of a farming settlement.
We recently had our first event and it was a great weekend even weather wise. The lads took to the "battlefield" ( have you ever seen such a Merry group of foes?) while the rest of us chatted, did sewing,weaving and archery.

Al and Cindread set up a small forge

while our evening feast was expertly roasted

all in all a great start for Wynmerstow!

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