Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

It is a beautiful warm day here about 19C not at all like the Halloweens of my childhood where we would get snow, cold or rain. We don't get any "trick or treators" here at the farm. So plans tonight are to have a 'campfire supper' and bonfire to enjoy the unseasonably balmy evening.

Sheep and all are fine not doubt enjoying the lull in the weather.
So to all have a safe and happy time,enjoy all the candy especially the chocolate!


beardy said...

Hi I got Cuckoo in trade from Tammy for a silver grey dorking pullet. Would love to discuss his parentage. You may call me collect at 519 529 7663. Beautiful farm. Many thanks, Matthew

Caitrin and Al said...

Cockoo is a cross coloured Dorking with a red.
Now his father Harry was our only rooster at the time, we have another of harry's boys but Bera looks more like Harry a coloured,
We assume that Cockoo took after the red side of the hen, Named cockoo cause he was a nutter,

Nina said...

You are tagged - a silly game with instructions on either my website or
which you should check out as she does some awesome things in Wales -which I know you have a fondness for :)