Monday, 16 March 2009

seven things you may not now about me

A while ago I was asked by a dear friend to list seven things that most people would not know about me. It took a while to get on with it but here is the list:

1: I am a classically trained mezzo soprano with a long performance history mostly solo baroque aria work.
2: I love Gregorian chant and the mediaeval catholic church liturgy , you know bells, incense the whole works
3: Life gaol is to finish visiting the high spots along the pilgrims route across Europe, so far I have done Canterbury, Rome and twice to Jerusalem
4: I ride side saddle, its the equitation style I learned on.
5: PURPLE, love it especially purple silk velvet
6 I have made virtually all my major adult "life decisions" here at this place.
7: one of my favorite authors is Khalil Gibran

There hows that!

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