Monday, 23 November 2009

Cherrington Merlin May 21-2001 to Nov.16-2009

We count ourselves very fortunate to have been Merlin's caregivers for his last few months.

He was a grand gentleman who quickly learned that ours is a treat driven farm. Apples, cookies, warm mash twice a day , oh yes and a lovely girl to keep him company.

Merlin had a spinal cord injury that had left him partially disabled and though he was coping he was still living daily by grace.

A fortnight ago that all changed and Merlin was no longer able to get up at all. A decision was made to euthanize and despite knowing it was for the best I was still left in tears.

Merlin left us a lovely legacy. We are lucky to have 4 of his offspring and also his full sister Cherrington Sarah.

Never the less I still miss his deep bass Ba every time I open the treat box in the barn.

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Tammy W. said...

Oh Cate - he had the best care possible at your farm. We will miss that grand old gentleman.