Thursday, 8 November 2007

Where did the summer go?

Ok, so its been a while a long while since my last entry. But time really flies here on the farm and then suddenly its not summer anymore and the snow has started to fall.

The critters and us are all fine, though we sadly lost our beautiful rooster Harry to a hawk a few weeks back. A chicken coop is now in the planning stage. Harry's son Bera now rules the roost ( pardon the pun)

The Anglo-Saxon long house has a floor and roof and is looking great we held our first meeting there last month.

Lady, our percheron now has a small cart and harness that we are getting fixed up for her t0 tug around the farm so that will be fun.

We are starting to batten things down now for winter, the wood pile is stacked and all the summer stuff is packed away and oh yes the pool is finally closed!

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