Thursday, 26 July 2007

Earendel Foote and Grainney

Earendel GrainneyEarendel Foote

Since Cinwulf is still being camera shy I'll go ahead a introduce our last two babies, a ewe and ram. They are Cherrington Brandy's pride and sired by Woolly Pedro. Both are beautiful black lambs with only white marking on their heads (Thank heavens or we would have trouble telling one from the other!) We were hoping to have black lambs and were not disappointed. From a mediaeval point of view black was a hard colour to achieve with natural dyes and an equally tough colour to maintain without fading ( still is actually) Although a natural black wool will still end up really looking very dark brown after processing the wool was more likely to maintain its dark rich colour over a dyed product. In addition to this over dyeing the black wool with other dyes could produce some very exotic colours. We are looking forward to seeing how this all works out.

Initially the twins were very nervous and took some time and effort to come around, but lately they are both the most lovable babies we have. Each evening they curl up beside me and nap.
Foote and Grainney are named after two good friends of ours who are also members of the Regia group building the Anglo-Saxon long hall here at the farm. I know I did promise to tell you more about this project and it will be forthcoming..... later.
Next up the lambs mothers, Aunt Gwinnie and our two wethers Coco and Jolly, oh and camera shy Cinwulf.

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