Friday, 21 December 2007

Happy Holiday Greetings

Happy Holiday Greetings to everyone from all of us here at Earendel farm!
We have plans to spend Christmas Eve by ourselves at home on the farm with a lovely dinner and if the weather holds perhaps a bonfire out back with mulled wine to warm our hands
Christmas day will be with Al's family.
This year I have decorated the house very simply with fresh cut boughs of cedar and pine from the surrounding woods it smells lovely inside, no fairy lights just small electric candles in the windows, it seems to suit the house better.
So to all of you, enjoy the season, drink and eat responsibility, save some chocolates for the new year, forget the resolutions and just enjoy every day on its own merits, remember if you are reading this you are still on the sunny side of the grass and that in itself is reason to be joyful!
Cate and Al

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