Monday, 3 December 2007

Remember it really IS still Autumn

The past three days have been rain and freezing rain and ice pellets and snow. I cannot help but think of Barbara Gibson who in 1843 left Blantyre Scotland to immigrate to the land where our farm is now. Her and her husband, James ,were not young being both in their late fifties. Poor Barbara really must have wondered what "H" on earth she had come to as she must have sat in her cabin and froze!

The lambs danced in the snow at first but then even that wasn't much fun after a few minutes.

In an answer to a comment about our lambs colours; the black twins have staid black as velvet even to their dark eyes, and Esme's boys are both lovely shades of gray. Then of course there is Rose, spitting image of her mom in every way.

Now this goofy character is Milton he is our livestock guardian. He is about 140 pounds and the size of a small pony ( no really) That's a cow femur in his mouth. Milton is truly about the only one on the farm that loves this weather and delights in rubbing his face in the snow like a kid. He can't understand why the sheep don't share his joy.

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