Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Introducing some of our girls starting with Brandy

This is one our grand old lady Cherrington Brandy ( Reg#S6030) she will be 12 years old this March and shows no signs of slowing down. She is a beautiful dark moorit with a fine fleece very suitable for drop spindle work.

This is one of Brandy's Morrit baby's (Reg# S16844). Kalwa Taure Elly.
Like her mom she has a fine fleece though is a lighter Morrit

This is Brandy's last baby Earendel Grainney ( S26108), as black as the darkest night.
Grainney has no white hairs through her fleece and has inherited her moms softness and good crimp. Her first adult fleece is long and luxurious and holding great promise.
She is a little camera shy so we must try again for a more current picture. Grainney is a darling and would rather be hugged that eat. We also have Grainney's identical twin brother Foote.

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Tammy W. said...

Hmmm Cate - Brandy is looking particularly lovely! That is a nice picture of her.