Tuesday, 6 January 2009

More girls this time Cherrington Alice's kin

This was Cherrington Alice ( 1997-2008), a classy grand dam, well beloved and now sadly missed by our good friend Tammy of Kalwa Taure shetlands.

Alice's legacy here is very strong as she is the mother and grandmother of three of our most personable girls and a major influence for our white fleece line

This is our Kalwa Taure Minnie ( Reg#S16839) Alice's most mischievous daughter.

Minnie has it all great personality, a sense of humor, awesome fleece and a lovely daughter our Earendel Rose ( S # 26107) out of Cherrington Merlin

Rose is a treasure, friendly, hugable and true to her heritage with a good strong crimpy fleece.

The last one of Alice's family to reside here is her daughter Cherrington Jessie (S#10028).Jessie is a cream with beautiful crimp and handle to her fleece. I will have a picture of her up soon

Currently Minnie and Jessie are visiting Cherrington Merlin (Rose's dad) for a romantic winter break.


Tammy W. said...

Actually Cate - I think Merlin had nothing at all to do with Rose.
I think there was some cloning going on there ;-)

Caitrin and Al said...

Al and I been saying that since we saw Rose,