Friday, 21 May 2010

Talking Turkey

Isn't he handsome.... this is Lurch, positively the stupidest thing we have on the farm!

Meet Lurkey ( hiding behind her man!)
Except Lurkey doesn't think much of Lurch either and prefers the company of the chickens

Why is Lurch so dumb?

1. Can't figure out how to go through and open 10 foot wide gate, persists in bashing his head trying to get through the little gap between the post and the hinge.
2. Can't figure out how to get back through the 10 foot open gate.
3. Totally afraid of the Rooster who chases him away from Lurkey
4. Totally afraid of the sheep who chase him.
5. Tries to entice the wild Turkeys into the yard even though they keep beating him up.
6. Don't even ask about why he keeps trying to head bash the electric fence.

And this heritage breed is supposed to have more smarts that your regular white turkey... makes one really wonder.

Happy weekend!

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