Monday, 26 July 2010

garden and humming bird

The front garden space is coming along nicely. I wanted to capture at least the essence of a medieval monastic pleasance. The garden borders the front veranda affording a calm place to sit.

The fountain was a wonderful find at a local re-use store

This is a small garden room, one side ( above) sun and the other shade

I prefer to plan gardens in as small rooms ( more manageable that way).

One recent visitor has been a Ruby Throated Humming bird who delights in the bergomot ( Bee Balm)

As with all gardens this is a work in progress and there is still so much still to do... summers are just too short here!


Michelle said...

I LOVE your garden rooms!

Caitrin and Al said...

Thanks so very much, I still have more "rooms" to decorate sad the season is so short