Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Earendel Cindread

Here is our lovely spotty boy out of Kalwa Taure Esme and Cherrington Merlin. His twin brother Cinwulf is a lovely gray maybe gulmoget. Here they are with mom at only a few days old.

The boys have a great pedigree and are line bred through Cherrington. We have been really pleased with the overall quality of the fleeces from sheep with this background and plan to try maintain this line as much as possible accepting that many of these sheep are getting on in years and may need special care and love. Wait till you meet our Brandy and her babies!!!

Cindread was a surprise. We hadn't really thought that we would get a spotted lamb and now we are not quite sure what to do with him. We have bantered back and forth about breeding him but for our purposes spots are more a novelty so really we can't justify using him. He will likely be castrated in the fall.

Cindread is a sweetie who loves to play with his ball and have tummy rubs. I have to get a good picture of Cinwulf but lately he has been a wee bit shy, so stay tuned

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