Monday, 9 July 2007

Welcome to our farm

Welcome to our farm.

We have a small flock of Shetland sheep of mostly
Cherrington/ Skerryore/Kalwa Taure background.
Our sheep are our pets and are kept entirely for their beautiful fleece which is sold mainly to folks who spin with drop spindles and weave on reproduction mediaeval looms.

We also have a very rare breed of chicken known rather unfortunately as a Dorking and some lovely well pampered horses all watched over by Milton our livestock guardian.
The farm is also home to the Wynmerestow Long Hall project.
This is the building of a Anglo-Saxon Long hall as it might have looked circa 1000 A.D. This is being constructed by members of the Ontario Branch of the U.K. based Regia Anglorum, an Anglo-Saxon Living History organization. Once completed the hall, forge, bake oven, gardens and animal enclosures will provide a place for the group to experiment with the archeaology of the period. More on this later for sure!
Next post we will introduce our first lambs!

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